Make concrete hydrophobic and oleophobic by impregnation with our coatings

Make concrete hydrophobic and oleophobic by impregnation with our coatings Print


Care for concrete
Idrosil self-cleaning concrete

Concrete is composed of cement binder and one or more additives such as sand gravel or crushed stone. Cement has the property that it hardens by adding water.
Good concrete is a mixture where the grain sizes of the different types of sand, gravel and cement in the right amounts, hardens to a durable stone-like material. Unlike plaster, hardened concrete no longer dissolves in water.
Concrete is a widely used building material because of the relatively low price of the material and the simplicity of use. Industrialized countries consume annual nearly one cubic meter of concrete per person.

An important part of the concrete mixture is the granules. The smaller and finer the grains the more water is needed.
• sand
• gravel
• broken-stone

To replace these granulates or as supplement filler sometimes an aggregate is used:
• filler, an inert powder of crushed brick that increases the stability of the mixture
• Fly ash (silicon powder), which acts as plasticizer
• fumed silica (ultrafine silica powder)
• recycling granules
Concrete is a safe, environmentally friendly and economically material.
• Equipment for stables
• Fences / fencing
• Wall Hack
• Garages
• Walls
• Tire Safety Shock
• Traffic and traffic thresholds Guides
• sound barriers
• Light poles, masts and poles
• bridges

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