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The new developments of the Care and Idrosil products are an ingenious solution for surface protection.

Based on nanotechnology, one of the most important developments of the 21st century, Cormitec has succeeded to develop an almost perfect surface protection. The impregnation of surfaces is designed to extend the life of the materials and to obtain a limited maintenance. The frequency of application depends on several factors including type of material, absorption coefficient, finishing, location of use and the current maintenance. Impregnation protects the materials from inside due to the attachment of the active product on the pores.

They prevent the absorption of pollutants on the materials. This means both the penetration of liquids are prevented and the breathing characteristics are preserved and no pressure will be built into the structure. Both properties have a positive influence on the erosion of the surface. The impregnation is therefore a preventive maintenance.

The Care and Idrosil products are designed to penetrate the surface and deposit the active solids on the under-layer. The penetration of water and oil pollution is limited, they are water repellent and/or oil repellent. They can be both water and solvent borne.

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