Substrate: cellular concrete

water based
solvent based
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Make cellular concrete hydrophobic and oleophobic by impregnation with our coatings

Make cellular concrete hydrophobic and oleophobic by impregnation with our coatings Print

Cellular concrete

IDROSIL 1002 for the protection of cellular concrete.

The old name of aerated cellular concrete is gas concrete.
Sand, lime and cement are the basis for aerated.
The sand is ground and combined with lime and cement.
After mixing and adding water a reaction between water and lime started.
   CaO + H2O -> Ca (OH) 2 + 65.2 kJ / mol

By adding a little bit of aluminium powder the mass is rising.
  3 Ca (OH) 2 + 2 Al + 6 H2O -> Ca3 (Al (OH) 6) 2 + 3 H2
another reaction during the process is:
  6 SiO2 + 5 Ca (OH) 2 -> 5 CaO SiO2 • 6 • 5 H2O
Immediately after mixing, the moulds are filled. These moulds have a rectangular shape.
During The process hydrogen gas will be formed, allowing the paste to rise until the moulds are completely filled with the formation of millions of small cells. The hydrogen gas in the cells is immediately displaced by the much heavier air.
After the mass is removed from the moulds, it is sliced in the desired shapes like cut-blocks, lintels, reinforced plates.  
Then the product will be autoclaved for several hours at a temperature of 180 ° C, and a steam pressure
of 10 atmospheres.
Here tobermorite is formed: Ca5H2 (Si3O9) 2 • 4 H2O
After autoclaving, the material has his final end strength

Aerated concrete contains a large proportion of air and the air is responsible for the main properties of aerated concrete:

- Light weight
- Good thermal insulation
- Good sound insulation
- Fire resistant
The major drawback of aerated concrete is the absorbent capacity, where the above mentioned properties are destroyed   in humid and wet environments.
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