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Idrosil 1002
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Idrosil 1002

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Idrosil 1002 for cellular concrete

The insulating properties are especially important for cellular concrete. The insulation factor is always given for dry products. Because of the strong water absorption properties of cellular concrete this advantage is gone with wet walls. A treatment of cellular concrete walls is necessary. If a waterproof film is applied to the outer walls this creates condensation on the inside walls. The walls should be treated twice. After this treatment the walls are hermetically sealed. This should be avoided to prevent frost damage. For the moment there is special attention given to paintings with the best possible protection against water, but with completely vapour permeability. Idrosil 1002 is water resistant but completely vapour permeable.
This treatment is designed for factory buildings, where cellular concrete is mostly used.

To assure hygiene, it requires frequent cleaning and is labour intensive.
The construction of industrial buildings and stables are generally made of concrete slabs and cellular concrete. These materials do not allow efficient cleaning. The dirt is nestled in the pores of the stone structures. To solve the problem we developed a self-cleaning coating. In an environment of animals the relative humidity is high; water is largely absorbed by the stone structures and forms the core of the problem. The solution to the problem was found in the application of a water repellent hydrophobic layer. The application must be economic, safe for human and animals and must be environment friendly. Idrosil 1002 consists of an aqueous suspension, with other words, a stable distribution of fine solids in water.

The properties of the product are easily demonstrated by means of following pictures. The top picture shows the reaction of water on untreated cellular concrete. Water is absorbed.
The bottom picture shows the reaction of water on treated cellular concrete with Idrosil 1002. Water is rejected and the cellular concrete will not wet.

The development is based on nanotechnology in order to obtain exceptional properties of the product.


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