Concrete, solvent based

Care 1048

Make concrete hydrophobic and oleophobic by impregnation with Care

Make concrete hydrophobic and oleophobic by impregnation with Care Print

Care for concrete.

To render hydrophobic and oleophobic means water repellent and oil repellent impregnation of masonry or concrete. Beside all kind of treatments against moisture such as painting, etc this is one of the most important moisture-proof methods. The water repellence will prevent penetration of moisture in walls and concrete components. Moisture (acid rain) is one of the main causes of deterioration in concrete and masonry damage.
A hydrophobic / oleophobic masonry facade remains dry making it less polluting. Dry walls also have a higher insulation value and are more resistant to frost damage.
After the treatment the concrete appearance remains preserved. Painting gives a different look and is not always desirable. Painting of concrete will be far more costly and requires much more maintenance.
When treated with care, after cleaning the facade, a water barrier is placed on the facade. The product is distributed over the surface and also penetrates the surface. The pores of the walls are covered with a thin water repellent layer. They therefore assure the water vapour transport through the wall. The wall is breathable.



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