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Between rough and polished stone there are different finishes degrees. Honed is matter than shiny polished stones. Initially, the colours are less pronounced compared with the shiny polished stone. Over time, especially after patina and saturation, a pure tone occurs. The stone patinate very homogeneous and the final colour stabilizes quickly. Moreover, the honed finish is less tiring for the eyes compared with shiny polished stone.

Polished stone shines beautifully. Moreover, all properties are optimally reflected like the colour, spots, fossils, veins.... In order to obtain this result we start with a highly honed stone, treated with a mix of tin, oxalic acid, synthetic or natural wax. Be careful with acids because it can harm the fragile finish.
Choose polished stone for furniture, window sills, baseboards and interior claddings. Prefer not to use of polished stone for floors.