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Idrosil 1002

Idrosil 1002 - waterafstotede en olie afstondende technische eigenschappen - msds Idrosil 1002 - waterafstotede en olie afstondende technische eigenschappen - tds
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Idrosil self-cleaning for natural stones

Idrosil 1002 gives your facade a completely new micro-structured surface. Along with the treatment of the particles it gives a super-hydrophobic, not wettable surface. The rolling rain drops pick up the dirt particles.

This newly developed product combines the water repellency with the microstructure as seen at Lotus leaf (the so called “lotus effect”). The contact angles for water on the layer is 170 ° -180 °. The water bond to the surface is reduced to a minimum.

The result: water full of dirt rolls off the facade and walls remain dry and clean, in particularly the rain sides of the buildings.

One of the applications is the treatment of historical buildings. The deterioration of the frequently used sandstone, like Ober Kirchner, Udelfanger Bentheimer is a known phenomenon. The degradation of limestone and marl is also known.
For the use on historic buildings the limitations of the product should be taken into account. The application can only be used for specific materials. The substrate to be treated must be matt or semi glossy. Applied to marble the product protects it but it takes the shine away, in short, this can not be used. The white translucent color can be a problem and therefore has a limited scope. It is perfectly applicable to sandstone, limestone and similar products.


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